Welcome to ProNature MV your professional Angling Guiding Specialists in Mecklenburg Vorpommern / Germany…

David Shuttleworth
David Shuttleworth

Germany is fast becoming one of the most popular fishing destinations. Here in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, you will find a fisherman’s/woman’s paradise. A choice of the salty baltic sea or many inland lakes and rivers are on our doorstep. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is home to over 2000 lakes, 1000 of which are hidden very deep in forests and countryside offering the carp fisherman/woman the most interesting lakes we have ever come across, fabulous scenery, peace, tranquility and nothing less than pure nature. Rivers make up 16250 miles and finally we have 1212 miles of coastal waters for the avid sea fisherman/woman. Depending on the waters fished, you will encounter a vast array of species, examples of which and known weights caught are listed below:

Here is an example of the fish you can catch :

  • Carp to 55lb
  • Pike to 39lb
  • Tench to 8,8lb
  • Bream to 15,5lb
  • Zander to 17,5lb
  • Catfish to 155lb
  • Perch to 5lb
  • Eel to 7lb
  • Cod to 27lb
  • Plaice to 4,4lb
  • Seatrout to 22lb
  • Salmon to 39,4lb …


ProNature MV, the Name is what it is ( Professional Nature – Mecklenburg Vorpommern ) ! We are your Adviser, Coach and Fish Finder all in one… What´s good is, we have Fun doing our work, that means we make it possible for you to have nothing to do except enjoy the countryside and catch Big Fish. No lugging tons of Tackle, No stressful Traffic at the Highways, all that you must do is get a Ticket for a Plane or Train and i´ll pick you up at the nearest Station or Airport and bring you to the best fishing Swim at that time or to a Bed and Breakfast / Holliday Home by the Lake or the Beach. ProNature MV is a Team of Specialist Fishermen, we are always on the Water and so with that we are always up to Date with the latest Information. It has only been for the last three Years possible to buy a Tourist Fishing Rod Licence here in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, for all that live outside Germany, this Rod Licence lasts for up to 28 Days and costs 35 Euro per Person, we must have all of your Details with in three Weeks before your Holliday. On all of our Lakes Night-Fishing is aloud, and we have on most off our Lakes the possibility to use a Boat. We bring you and your Tackle to your Swim, we can also prebait your Swim it doesn’t matter if it is for Predators or Coarse Fish. We can organize throughout Mecklenburg Vorpommern apartments and guesthouses…

What we at ProNature offer the Angler

  • Our team consists of english and german speaking guides, so language barriers will never be an issue
  • Collection by a member of our team from the nearest airport / train station
  • Local Bed and Breakfast as required arranged on your behalf
  • Tackle and Baits provided if required
  • Use of a boat with echo sounder
  • 28 day tourist fishing license
  • shopping service
  • night-fishing
  • short and long stays welcome
  • groups, singles, families, young and old catered for…

E-Mail : info@pronature-mv.de
Homepage : www.pronature-mv.de



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